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Roblox National Awards (RNA) – Competition Rules/大賽規則

Entry Requirements / 參賽要求

  • Participants can be individuals, companies, or other organizations. The subject matter of the entries is not limited, and the gameplay is not limited. The game works must be developed by Roblox Studio;
  • 參賽者可為個人、公司、或其他組織,參賽作品題材不限,玩法不限,遊戲作品必須使用Roblox Studio開發;
  • Participants please ensure that the submitted entries are original or have been authorized by other copyright owners, and must not infringe third-party intellectual property rights and patents. If there is any violation, the participant shall be solely responsible for it;
  • 參賽選手請保證所提交的參賽作品為原創或已獲得其他版權所有者授權,不得侵犯第三方知識產權和專利,如果有違反則由參賽者全權負責;
  • Participants agree that the organizer uses their entries and related elements for secondary editing, as well as publication and promotion in various channels (including but not limited to official website, forum, WeChat, Weibo, major video platforms, etc.), short video creation such as To create on the basis of other people’s works, please obtain the authorization of the original author yourself, otherwise, once a copyright dispute arises, the qualification for the award will be cancelled;
  • 參賽者同意主辦方使用其參賽作品及相關元素進行二次剪輯,以及在各渠道進行發布和宣傳(包括但不限於官網、論壇、微信、微博、各大視頻平台等),短視頻創作如在他人的作品基礎上進行創作,請自行取得原作者授權,否則一旦產生版權糾紛,將取消獲獎資格;

  • For entries that have not been submitted in accordance with the registration requirements of the competition (incomplete information or inconsistent content, etc.), the competition organizing committee has the right not to judge; participants need to submit their entries before the deadline set by the competition;
  • 對於未按照賽事報名需求提交的參賽作品(資料不全或者內容不相符等),大賽組委會有權利不進行評審;參賽者需要在大賽規定截止時間之前提交作品報名;
  • For works that obviously violate the rules of the competition, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify them from participating in the competition;
  • 對於明顯違反比賽規則的作品,主辦方保留取消其參賽資格的權利;

Selection Rules/ 評選規則

Video creation track / 視頻創作賽道

  • For the video creation track, the Roblox official jury will comprehensively calculate the final ranking and score based on the content quality, playback volume, likes and forwarding of the video works submitted by station B;
  • 視頻創作賽道,由Roblox官方評委會根據B站投稿視頻作品的內容質量、播放量、點贊轉發等數據綜合計算最終排名和得分;

Game creation track 遊戲創作賽道

  • The national competition jury special prize shall be subject to the results of the national competition jury, with no less than 6 experts from the national competition jury;
  • 國賽評審團專項獎,以國賽評審團結果為準,國賽評審團專家不少於6人;

  • The National Game Popular Game Award is based on the active data of the participating works in the national service.
  • 國賽人氣遊戲獎,以參賽作品國服活躍數據為準。

  • Jury dimensions 評審準則
  • Creativity: The core gameplay is cleverly conceived, and the theme of the work is novel;
  • 創意性:核心玩法構思巧妙,作品題材立意新穎;
  • Design sense: strong art quality and visual expression, complete art execution;
  • 設計感:美術品質及視覺表現力強,美術執行完整;
  • Completion: complete gameplay system and high playability;
  • 完成度:玩法系統完整,可玩性高;

Legality of Work 作品合法性

  • All entries must comply with national laws and regulations and social public order and good customs. The content is not allowed to contain the following information, including but not limited to: pornography, blood, violence and other bad content, promote or encourage crime, hinder the physical and mental development of young people and other bad inducements, inciting ethnic hatred , Ethnic discrimination, undermining ethnic unity and other bad information, as well as other content that is prohibited by laws and regulations or is not conducive to the sound development of society.
  • 所有參賽作品需要符合國家法律法規和社會公序良俗,內容不允許含有以下信息,包括但不限於:色情、血腥、暴力等不良內容,宣揚或鼓勵犯罪、妨害青少年身心健全發展等不良誘導,煽動民族仇恨、民族歧視,破壞民族團結等不良信息,以及其他法律法規禁止或不利於社會良性發展的內容。

Awards 大賽獎品

Game creation track: 遊戲創作賽道

  • Final Winner: RMB 400,000 (1 place) 全國總冠軍: 獎金40萬人民幣 (1位)
  • Individual Prizes: 評審團單項獎
  • Roblox Best Game Price: RMB 50,000 (1 place) Roblox最佳遊戲獎: 獎金5萬人民幣 (1位)
  • Serious Game Price: RMB 20,000 (1 place) 嚴肅遊戲獎: 獎金2萬人民幣 (1位)
  • Innovative Game Price: RMB 20,000 (1 place) 玩法創新獎: 獎金2萬人民幣 (1位)
  • Cultural Game Price: RMB 20,000 (1 place) 國風文化獎: 獎金2萬人民幣 (1位)
  • Technical Game Price: RMB 20,000 (1 place) 技術突破獎: 獎金2萬人民幣 (1位)
  • Setting Design Game Price: RMB 20,000 (1 place) 場景設計獎: 獎金2萬人民幣 (1位)
  • Popular Game Prices: 人氣遊戲獎
  • Golden Price: RMB 30,000 (1 place) 金獎: 獎金3萬人民幣 (1位)
  • Silver Price: RMB 20,000 (1 place) 銀獎: 獎金2萬人民幣 (1位)
  • Bronze Price: RMB 10,000 (1 place) 銅獎: 獎金1萬人民幣 (1位)
  • Others: 其他
  • Teenager Creativity Price: RMB 10,000 (5 places) 青少年創作獎: : 獎金1萬人民幣 (5位)

Video creation track: 視頻創作賽道

  • Golden Price: Jingdong Electronic Card RMB 1,000 Value + PS5 x1 (6 places) 金獎: 京東1,000人民幣電子卡+PS5一部 (6位)
  • Silver Price: Jingdong Electronic Card RMB 500 Value + DJI Osmo Action Camera / Apple Watch SE (10 places) 銀獎: 京東500人民幣電子卡+大彊運動相機一部 或Apple Watch SE智能手錶 (10位)
  • Excellent Price: Jingdong Electronic Card RMB 500 Value (24 places) 優秀獎: 京東500人民幣電子卡 (24位)

Registration (Information required) / 大賽報名

Game creation track 遊戲創作賽道

  • Project Title 作品名稱
  • Work link 作品連結
  • Student Name 參賽者姓名
  • Student Age 參賽者年齡 
  • Parent Name 家長姓名
  • Email 聯絡電郵地址
  • Phone Number 聯絡電話
  • (WeChat ID/QQ Number)

Video creation track 視頻創作賽道

  • https://passport.bilibili.com/login 
  • Add the following two tags when uploading the video #罗布乐思RNA游戏梦想家 #罗布乐思RNA视频达人
  • 請在上載時加上以下兩個標籤 #罗布乐思RNA游戏梦想家 #罗布乐思RNA视频达人