FAQ – Koding Kingdom
Question 1. Will coding affect my eyesight

Our courses are designed to allow the students to engage with their classmates, their teacher, as well as their computers. Their eyes will only be focused part of the time on their computers. There is no indication that such a short period of computer use will cause any damage to their eyesight.

Question 2. What comes after KK

The Level Three KK Coders course is not a one-off course. We will periodically roll out Level Three courses with new themes. The project themes update according to different seasons and festivals. The classes will be short-term, intensive courses delivered by different lecturers from local universities, some of Hong Kong’s best computer scientists. There is no end in the world of coding, technology and Computer Science. Keep in touch with industry professionals to keep updated!

Question 3. What is KK coders

KK Coders is our flagship product comprising of three levels of courses. In Level One, six coding tools covering different computer platforms and various types of programs are be covered: Scratch, App Inventor 2, Stencyl, Python, Blender, HTML & CSS. The courses are designed to be taken in the order presented in order to ease kids into more and more complex programming concepts. In the first four ‘tracks’ – our word for tool-specific courses – visual programming languages are used because they are very kid-friendly. In the last two tracks, we will introduce kids to simple syntax-based tools with which they can start to explore the programming languages used by professional developers. Level Two consists of six tracks which applies and draws upon the knowledge and content learnt in Level One. The type of topics covered are of trendy and pioneering technology relevant to today’s modern society. The tracks in level two promote in-depth learning of special subject areas and improves students problem solving approaches. Projects are more complex and will all be built across several lessons. Instructors will lead students to break down these large projects into manageable sub-modules using engineering tactics. Any student who has completed Level One is eligible to enroll in Level Two courses. There will not be any division of age group. Level Three is an advanced project-based course that welcomes any skillful young coders to join regardless of age and tool. Industry professionals lead students to participate in coding projects. Project themes update according to different seasons and festivals. Not only computer logic, but also other important software engineering topics, such as interface design and user experience, will be covered. Elite students will be nominated to join inter-school coding competitions.