Regular Course – Koding Kingdom
Coding, Game Development
Jr Starter or Jr App
7-8, 9-11
Code Kingdoms, Lua

Junior Roblox Game Development

Course Description

Roblox is one of the largest game-play and game-creation platforms in the world today with over 60 million monthly active players and over 29 million games created on the platform. In this course, we’ll use Code Kingdom’s Roblox solution to script and create our very own Roblox games, through both a syntax-based approach as well as a drag-and-drop coding approach. Students can choose whichever approach they feel most comfortable with. Through this process, students will learn about programming concepts like methods, loops, objects, properties, and more from a game development perspective. This course assists appropriately in students' transition from a graphical programming language to syntax-based programming.

What your child will learn:

  • Get familiarized with creating games in Roblox
  • Learn programming fundamentals through Lua
  • Apply game design rules to create more engaging games
  • Practice making games in teams
  • Publish games to the Roblox platform

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