Milestones – Koding Kingdom


October 2018

Cisco Networking Academy

Koding Kingdom has officially become a Cisco Networking Academy. Koding Kingdom will now be able to offer special Cisco Networking Academy courses on topics such as Security, IoT, Networking, and Programming!

January 2018

Education Partner - Roblox

Roblox is the largest interactive platform for kids and teenagers today. Like us, Roblox believes gamified education is a great way to introduce kids to the world of coding and development. Being among their first education partners (and first in Asia), Koding Kingdom will work with Roblox to integrate their platform into our courses. Students will be able to create their very own Roblox games, learning Lua programming, modeling, and game design theories in the process.


November 2017

Book: The Eight Wonders of China

Koding Kingdom’s 3rd book, published by the renowned Joint Publishing (三聯書店) is launched. The book promotes learning Chinese History using Minecraft. Both English and Chinese versions of the book are available.

October 2017

ESF Hackathon

Koding Kingdom partnered with Microsoft and the English Schools Foundation (ESF) to host a Minecraft Coding Hackathon from the 30th-31st October. A total of 12 schools from ESF competed to design and code futuristic schools in Minecraft! Well done to all participants and the winning teams!

February 2017

iDTech & The University of Hong Kong

Koding Kingdom teams up with iD Tech to bring America’s #1 summer technology camp to Hong Kong (at The University of Hong Kong)! Koding Kingdom has received the utmost honour to have been chosen to work with iDTech and The University Of Hong Kong to provide even more technology education opportunities to students!

February 2017

Certiport Authorized Testing Center

Koding Kingdom officially becomes a Certiport Authorized Testing Center. Koding Kingdom has now been given official endorsement to both train and test candidates wishing to sit for exams!


December 2016

Microsoft Training Partners

Koding Kingdom has officially become certified training partners of Microsoft! After a training summit in Singapore, Koding Kingdom will now be able to offering special computer science related courses and prepare our students to take Microsoft examinations to help them get certified!

September 2016

Priority Plus (Smartone) – Parent-student Workshop

We also work with several organisations to reach the wider community and provide free coding workshops on Minecraft and Apps! This helps increase awareness among the public and also serves as a good training platform for our instructors to refine/improve our classroom and learning experience.

August 2016

Best Paper Award (IEEE)

A paper (of about 5,000 words) was submitted to Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) on the subject of ethical practice and coding education by Koding Kingdom. We have also co-authored papers with Professors from various universities on the pedagogy for coding education and even published our own books!

July 2016

Education Partner - Code Kingdoms

Similar in name and passion, Code Kingdoms believes in the power of Minecraft Education. As their (Asia’s very first) new certified education partner Koding Kingdom will integrate their specialized code-editor platform into our courses. Students will be able to write mods and build their own servers using a visual or command line interface closely tied to the Java programming language.

July 2016

Education Partner - Piper Play

Piper Play is an award winning STEM education toolkit that allow students to learn how to build a computer and understand its various components. In their efforts to instil creative confidence with electronics, students will learn engineering with a fun low barrier experience and possible immerse into a high ceiling creative experience. Koding Kingdom will is a certified education partner of Piper with our main responsibilities entailing; providing courses on Piper for our regular students, provide collaborative feedback to improve the toolkit and work to develop the classroom/learning experience of using Piper.

July 2016

Minecraft International Symposium 2016

On 8th July 2016, leading experts in the Minecraft education realm were invited to take part in a Minecraft Education Symposium held in Cyberport, Hong Kong. Leaders, educators and influencers in the Minecraft domain from different parts of the world shared cross-cultural knowledge and experience with our local educators, industry practitioners and users. Panel discussions on how Minecraft will empower coding, STEM education, as well as A.I. were discussed. The event also featured free workshops by the experts for our students and teachers.

March 2016

Education Partner - VEX Robotics

VEX is is a powerful and popular toolkit that teaches students robotics, engineering and coding (ROBOTC). The popular Robotics Design System also provides a platform for learning science, technology, robot engineering and math (STEM). Koding Kingdom is Hong Kong’s exclusive appointed education partner to provide advanced robotics courses and International VEX competitions for our students and partner schools!


April 2015

Youth Coding Jam (Guinness World Record)

In April 2015, we witnessed a world record breaking event wherein 1042 kids gathered at Central Habourfront to code using our Minecraft education server and specially-programmed plugin. The event featured the young coders working together to build a futuristic Hong Kong with the theme “Smart City”.

March 2015

Coding Competitions (Let’s Code with Minecraft)

Asia’s first Minecraft Competition, a Kids Coding Forum, and an innovative Unplugged Coding Workshops. Our event was a huge success thanks to over 300 attendees, and 50 students from 550 applications coming from 130 schools who made it to the final round of competitions. We were delighted to provide a platform for academics and industry professionals to exchange idea and experience, and for students to show off their creative flair, as well as parents to learn more about the importance of code education and how it benefits children’s development.


October 2014

Mobile Apps development workshop for Project Wecan benefiting both secondary students and adult volunteers

Koding Kingdom is proud to be associated with Project WeCan led by the Wharf Group. The Project is a business-in-community programme designed to offer care and opportunities for the less-privileged students in Hong Kong The Programme began with 11 secondary schools. Currently, there are 14 schools matched with 14 business sponsors through Project WeCan. Koding Kingdom designed and delivered an Apps development programme where secondary students were taught to do a highly immersive interactive mobile game which resembles the hugely popular Tower of Saviours (神魔之塔)。

September 2014

Web Organic Kids Coding Workshops

Web Organic Mentorship Programme is a training programme conducted by university students to act as big brothers and sisters to act as role models and companions for under-priviledged kids so as to help them realize their potential. Let’s Code, under the full support and sponsorship of Koding Kingdom, was selected as its exclusive kids coding training partner to train up the university students in their coding skills so that they could conduct down to earth coding exercises with children in the programme.

August 2014

Kids Coding Summer Camp 2014 @ Cyberport

Koding Kingdom is one of the supporting organization of the Kids Coding Summer Camp 2014. On 15-17 Aug, we hosted a series of activities including unplugged coding workshops, “Cocktale” of kids coding tools and parent’s talks for the campers.

May 2014

Computer App Programming (CAP) Day

The CAP 2014 competition is jointly organized by IEEE Hong Kong Section Computer Society Chapter and HKACE. Koding Kingdom was the only sponsor which design learning materials and provide trainings for contestants and their teachers. Teachers from Let’s Code (HK) taught basics of App Inventor 2 to students in order to help them complete the competition. On 17 May 2014 (CAP day), representatives from Let’s Code (HK) were present to assist the operation of the competition. Teaching consultants from Let’s Code also participated in the design of competition questions.

April 2014

Mobile Apps development workshop for SEN students

On 22-24 April 2014, We have provided App Inventor 2 workshops with ready-made materials for SEN children ( special educational needs children ), they loved and enjoyed the activities in the workshop.

April 2014

IT Teacher Appreciation Day at Cyberport

On 12 April 2014, John Sir presented on Kids Coding and other latest developments (3D printing, Autogami and newly applied IT at secondary and primary schools) at IT Teacher Appreciation Day-Award Ceremony on 12 April 2014 @ Cyberport with other Let’s Code advisers, Dr. Chui Chun Kit from HKU, Dr. Jason Chan from PolyU, and Dr. Ken Zhu from CityU. The IT Teacher Appreciation Day is to recognise the teachers’ contributions to Information & Communication Technology (ICT), highlight the importance of ICT technologies in the education sector, and promote the culture of appreciation within schools.

March 2014

TVB Filming

On 8 March 2014, TVB came to the Tsuen Wan office to shoot a special segment on Koding Kingdom and it’s partnership with Let’s Code (HK). Many special guests participated in the events of the day, some of whom were winners and finalists from the Minecraft competition at Cyber-port Let’s Code Day from the week before. The day’s events included a one-hour workshop on App Inventor 2, a demonstration on the dynamic robotic program dev-eloped in Hong Kong, MIDbot, and a series of interviews with many of the day’s participants. The event was a lot of fun for both participants, who got to have some good exposure to some of the tools that Koding Kingdom has to offer, and their parents who had the opportunity to take a close look at the different learning opportunities in kids’s coding.

January 2014

KK Coders

We released KK Coders ( Starters, Apps and Mobile Games ) to provide an enjoyable and structured introduction to various key coding concepts and programs. The courses are designed to allow students to get a good taste of what it is to code, while helping to change the idea that coding is too difficult or boring for kids.


October 2013

Talk at The University of Hong Kong

On 3rd October 2013, John Sir spoke at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) to share his view on kids’ coding, explain the global trends, and introduced the kids’ coding tools to the students and professionals. Sharon Gal Or, founder and CEO of Idea Sign Limited, was the guest speaker on the evening and provided some great insight into ways of developing kids’ creativity and problem-solving skills through coding, in line with John Sir’s idea on teaching kids’ coding in the 21st Century curriculum.

August 2013

Complimentary coding workshops for racial minorities at Caritas Integtrated Youth Service Centre

It is our belief that while students from mainstream schools should receive code education, the disadvantaged should never be neglected. We have partnered with Caritas Integrated Youth Service Centre to explore how coding could help the racial minorities to better integrate into the local community.