Camp Course – Koding Kingdom
Exposure to Scratch is an advantage.
7-8, 9-11
CoSpaces Edu, Google Cardboard

Junior Virtual Reality

Course Description

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer simulation to create a three-dimensional virtual world, allowing users to explore things in three dimensions. This immersive environment can be similar to the real world or it can be fantastical, creating an experience that is not possible in ordinary physical reality. This course introduces students to basic concepts related visual media such as VR, AR and MR. Students will create and program visually-appealing scenes, animations, and games. Their creations will later be transformed into VR scenes. To witness their hard work, a VR box will be used to explore their creations!

What your child will learn:

  • Learn what VR is, how it works and its applications
  • Understand fundamentals of block-based programming interface such as items, events, variables, logic, if condition and loop
  • Be able to realize a virtual VR scene and create fun games

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